Unions in solidarity with SWU on World Social Work Day

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11 unions express their support and appreciation for the Social Workers Union and the social work profession

The Social Workers Union (SWU) believes in the value of solidarity between unions as we work towards a more inclusive and just society, which is why we are proud members of the General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU).

Social workers are passionate about their profession and making a difference, and that is being borne out by all the campaigns SWU members are leading on through the SWU Campaign Fund. Each of these campaigns is a facet of the WSWD 2022 theme of “Leaving No One Behind” – from service users experiencing food poverty to social workers struggling with their current working conditions.

SWU invited fellow unions to celebrate social work and social workers with us on World Social Work Day 2022 and we were touched by the many messages of solidarity and support that we received.

The General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU)

The General Federation of Trade Unions in the UK Is proud to have the Social Workers’ Union in its membership.  Social work is a highly skilled profession which embodies our collective concern to support each other in times of need. The further social policies distance themselves from the care and welfare of people the greater the pressures on social workers. In recent times it has been shocking to see service cuts and increased and unreasonable pressures on social workers and we have been keen to support campaigns against this. It is clear that social workers need a strong professional and trade union voice and that social services deserve a greater share of public expenditure. Very extreme situations have plagued our communities in recent times breaking family life, childhood and old age. Social workers will play a key role in reversing these damaging trends and reasserting the importance of the social rather than the selfish.

Doug Nicholls, General Secretary

Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU)

The work that social workers do on a daily basis, is so vital for our communities and the families that they support, helping to maintain the physical and mental wellbeing of many working-class families that without which would drop through the cracks.

Sarah Woolley, General Secretary

Community Trade Union

We’re sending our support to social workers today. We know you do important work under often difficult circumstances. We also know you are underpaid and can be undervalued for your crucial work. That’s why we’re supporting you and supporting your union so together we can work towards a better world of work for everyone.

Roy Rickhuss, General Secretary

Professional Footballers’ Association

We at the PFA would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all social workers, domestic and international for the work they undertake in supporting some of the most vulnerable and oppressed people in society.  Social workers are highly skilled professionals whose endeavours are not always acknowledged, and despite social work being an essential service it is still woefully under resourced. Social workers have been at the forefront in responding to the  COVID pandemic which exposed pre-existing inequalities and magnified the complex needs and demands of society.  Many social workers find their own mental health and well being compromised by the almost unmanageable volume of case loads they have to balance, yet they continue to advocate and support others to battle factors that are detrimental to their social wellbeing and quality of life.

So on this World Social Workers Day, we send out a message of support and solidarity to all those within the profession together with a message of hope that social work and personal social services receives the investment it requires to enable social workers to continue shaping positive change.

Oshor Williams, Assistant Director of Education

Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (TSSA) trade union

Social Workers do a brilliant job and until the Social Workers Union joined the GFTU I was not aware of the vast amount of terrific work they do and the difference they make to so many. The TSSA sends solidarity and support to all social workers and the Social Workers Union on World Social Work Day.

Manuel Cortes, General Secretary

The Psychotherapy and Counselling Union

The Psychotherapy and Counselling Union celebrate the great work that social workers are doing on World Social Work Day, often with and alongside counsellors and psychotherapists from the PCU. Our brothers and sisters in the field of social work provide so much for those who are at need, at risk and vulnerable. We celebrate this!

Juliet Lyons, General Secretary

 Artist Union England

The theme for this year’s World Social Work day is Co building a new eco social world, leaving no one behind. The role of trade unions including the SWU is essential for this to happen. The social impacts of people globally including here in the UK have intensified due to the pandemic and now the war  and we need  to ensure that  Public Services such as social work are fully funded, accessible and available to all. We thank and congratulate  the SWU and its members for their work on World Social Work day.

Zita Holbourne,  National Co Chair AUE

The Pharmacists’ Defence Association

On World Social Work day, the pharmacists’ union, PDA, send our best wishes to all the UK’s social workers.  Our two professions each sit within the Health and Social Care sector and practice across the entirety of the system.  While we are sometimes part of a multidisciplinary team dealing with what can be the high intensity inpatient care scenarios, more often we interact with patients/clients over very long periods within the community, enabling them to live independently and more fully interact in society.

Paul Day, Director

Aegis the Union

Aegis the Union acknowledge and support the vital and important work Social Workers do throughout the UK every day. On World Social Workers Day they should be recognised for their heroic efforts, especially throughout the covid pandemic.

Brian Linn, General Secretary

Prison Officers Association

The POA welcome the publicity surrounding World Social Work Day and hope that the general public recognise the value this body of workers brings to our communities. They are overworked, underpaid and have excessive caseloads. The POA stand in solidarity with the Social Workers Union.

The POA recognises the invaluable work which has been done in difficult circumstances both before and during Covid 19.  The under resourcing of social work agencies in the UK through the recession has placed social workers in an unenviable position of having to manage high caseloads of the most vulnerable in our society some of whom POA members care for while in custody.

The POA commends social workers for their commitment to the most vulnerable and marginalised sections of the community often in the face of hostility from individuals, families and the press.  It thanks all social workers for their role in achieving social justice for individuals, families and communities.

Steve Gillan, General Secretary

National Association of Probation Officers

We send a message of solidarity to all of our sisters and brothers in SWU who work so hard in their Social Work profession to support people and communities. Social work values are vital to Napo members in Cafcass and in Probation. Social work is fundamental to a fairer and more equal society for all and we must all fight not just to protect but to promote and advance this cause.

Katie Lomas, National Chair