Current Campaign Activity

As social workers and trade unionists we are passionate about making a difference. Below we highlight some of SWU’s current campaigns and activities.

The Austerity Action Group (AAG) is funded by SWU and was created to tackle the issues of poverty and inequality that continue to negatively affect people who use social services. The AAG’s latest activity is the Lived Experience Fair Remuneration Campaign that seeks to change the current government rules freezing many people out of contributing meaningfully to the development of public and charitable services. AAG is also lobbying against the harmful impact of Universal Credit, specifically the two-child cap.

The SWU Campaign Fund supports our activist members by providing them with access to professional support for issues and causes they’re passionate about, and is managed by Campaign Collective. Since its creation in 2021, the fund has supported over a dozen member led campaigns across a spectrum of issues that intersect with social work. Any SWU members who would like to run their own campaign are encouraged to submit their idea for funding.

SWU and the British Association of Social Workers (BASW), in partnership with Bath Spa University, are leading a Professional Working Conditions campaign for improved working conditions for social workers. This research into the working conditions of social workers was first launched in June 2017 and this growing body of research is now the largest investigation of social worker working conditions and wellbeing ever conducted.

Bath Spa University and SWU are working together on a new piece of research which seeks to develop and make available best practise reflective supervision for social workers and related professionals. The results of this research will soon be published in the British Journal of Social Work.

Each year SWU runs a World Social Work Day SWU Assignment student essay competition in which we pose questions about current issues in social work. The competition is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students studying at UK universities and the winning entries are each awarded a grant of £500.