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Talk to SWU: workplace issues webinar (Recording from 29 March 2022)

A free advice webinar series hosted by the Social Workers Union

Talk to SWU on 29 March 2022

Hosted by SWU during World Social Work Month 2022

This free webinar was a chance to talk directly with the Social Workers Union about any work place issues you have been experiencing.

In this session a panel of Trade Union Advice & Representation Officers along with a SWU Legal Advisor answered questions from social workers and social work students. The topics that we discussed included:

  • Is there anything I can do about a negative reference given by employer?
  • Your rights with regards to a secondment for your development
  • Refused part-time working requests
  • Can menopause be considered a disability?
  • Mask wearing policies after the government has lifted COVID-19 restrictions 
  • Do I have a say in the variation of my contract?
  • The timescale of completing a disciplinary or grievance investigation
  • Negotiating and serving a notice period 
  • Is an agency worker who is working for a local authority and using an umbrella company considered employed or self-employed?
  • How can I support a colleague being bullied by a manager?
  • Being dismissed due to failing to pass my ASYE, but I have dyslexia and didn’t have the equipment / support I needed in place – do I have any rights to challenge my dismissal?

You can watch the recording below:

This is a recording of a Talk to SWU webinar. Please note that this webinar was recorded on 29 March 2022 and some of the information may now be out of date.

All UK social workers and social work students are invited to attend and engage with this online advice and representation webinar series hosted by SWU, regardless of membership status.

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