Austerity Action Group

Three silhouettes of people marching in protest while holding a sign that says "BOOT OUT AUSTERITY!" with the text underneath it: Social Workers Union (SWU) Austerity Action Group

About the AAG

The Austerity Action Group (AAG) is funded by the Social Workers Union (SWU). The AAG was created to tackle the issues of poverty and inequality that continue to negatively affect people who use social services. Austerity is a political choice, not a necessity, and we challenge these types of policies that are contributing to poverty.

Supporters are always welcome and our latest activity is the Lived Experience Fair Remuneration Campaign that seeks to change the current government rules freezing many people out of contributing meaningfully to the development of public and charitable services.

Supported by SWU and BASW, we have also launched our updated Campaign Action Pack so be sure to download your free copy for inspiration on how you and your community can take action against ongoing austerity and the cost-of-living crisis!

AAG is also lobbying against the harmful impact of Universal Credit, specifically the two-child cap.

AAG is a member of the End Fuel Poverty Coalition, which is under the stewardship of Campaign Collective. It brings together a number of groups who believe that everybody has the right to a warm, dry home that they can afford to heat and power.

AAG is a key vehicle in the ongoing campaign by SWU and the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) for a more socially just society. AAG was born out of the Boot Out Austerity (BOA) campaign in 2017 and is committed to continuing the march for social justice.

AAG News and Events

Austerity Action Group launch updated “Campaign Action Pack”

The AAG proudly unveiled the Battling the Cost-of-Living Crisis: Campaign Action Pack at the SWU Conference on April 27th in Manchester. The event united social workers, students, and trade unionists nationwide to champion solidarity, activism, and social justice.

SWU and BASW are pleased to support this updated Campaign Action Pack and encourage social workers to make use of this brilliant and accessible resource. This pack serves as a roadmap for social workers and communities to combat austerity and the cost-of-living crisis. It covers organising public meetings, rallies, film nights, petitioning, lobbying, and engaging with the press.

Download your free copy today:

Your input matters! The AAG has tried to include everything you need to get campaigning, but would welcome your feedback about what works and what doesn’t. You can get in touch with us at

Available to download now: "Boot Out Austerity Marches On! Battling the Cost-of-Living Crisis Campaign Action Pack"

In 2017 the Boot Out Austerity campaign set out on its 100 miles protest march. The march might have ended but the campaigning still goes on through the Austerity Action Group.