Union Contact Information & Updates

SWU Annual General Meeting Exec Angi Naylor

We have a “Union Contact Corner” update section in our monthly SWU Newsletter, and we encourage and welcome contributions from our Union Contacts. Spreading the word about the importance of membership is a vital part of the Union Contact role and contributing to your union newsletter provides you with an opportunity to do this. 

Articles of up to 500 words are welcomed – we’d love to hear about what inspired you to become involved, why you feel it’s important to strengthen and develop your Union, or other comments you’d like to share. These are important points that will interest and inspire SWU members. Please send SWU Newsletter contributions to our National Organiser Carol Reid at carol.reid@swu-union.org.uk. (If your article is printed you will receive a £25 gift voucher too!)

Join us on Facebook

All Union Contacts are invited to join our SWU Union Contacts Facebook Group.  Please follow this link to the SWU Union Contacts Facebook Group and request to join – successful applicants to the SWU Union Contacts Programme will be added to the group for an additional network and support.


SWU is currently part of the campaign looking at Working Conditions and research into Social Worker wellbeing. This not only impacts upon those of us employed in this demanding role, but also upon service users who depend upon us. Click here more information on SWU campaigns. SWU also funds and actively campaigns alongside the Austerity Action Group (AAG).

Do you have a campaign idea?

Any SWU member who would like to run their own member led campaign is encouraged to submit ideas for funding by filling out the SWU Campaign Fund Application Form and returning it via email. The Campaign Fund Committee will be reviewing proposals every 2 months throughout 2021/2022, and will be available as needed to review any time sensitive requests that are marked urgent. More details along with the application form can be found on the SWU Campaign Fund webpage.


As our membership grows and our Union Contacts become more prominent, we are becoming more visibly Active nationally.

Wherever possible we attend events, demonstrations, and rallies collectively. Check our Events Calendar and keep yourselves and members updated. Please be aware that our calendar is not currently listing face-to-face events due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Remember that activism takes many forms and recruiting colleagues in work is just as important as attending events. Encouraging activism amongst social workers and social work students will help grow and strengthen YOUR Union.

Union Contacts’ paperwork and merchandise

As a SWU Union Contact you will be provided with relevant paperwork and merchandise to distribute to colleagues in your workplace, placement, or university. This assists in promoting the Social Workers Union and getting us seen in workplaces, on noticeboards and on social workers’ desks. When your stock requires replenishment please contact carol.reid@swu-