SWU’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

10th anniversary

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Day 1: SWU’s History

SWU’s first General Secretary Hilton Dawson remarks on the creation of the Social Workers Union in 2011. SWU’s Treasurer and Northern Ireland Representative Gerry Madden recounts the formation of SWU, its history, and its purpose.

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Day 2: SWU Is Run by Social Workers, for Social Workers

SWU’s second General Secretary Bridget Robb discusses her thoughts on splitting BASW and SWU and congratulates SWU on turning 10.

Day 3: Advice and Representation

Head of the BASW / SWU Advice & Representation Service and SWU Assistant General Secretary Lien Watts, along with A&R Trade Union Officer Euston Copeland, discuss their team in two videos. A*R Trade Union Officer Lisa Fitzpatrick has written an in-depth blog for this celebration on Why Unions Matter.

Day 4: SWU and BASW – Strength in Partnership

BASW Chair Gerry Nosowska and BASW Chief Executive Ruth Allen congratulate SWU on turning 10, reflect on the shared history of our two organisations, and share their pride on how together we are putting our social work values into action.

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Day 5: SWU Protects Social Workers

SWU’s first President with the dual role of BASW Chair Fran Fuller reflects back on 2011 when BASW set up SWU as part of its duty to protect members.

Day 6: SWU and Me

A personal reflection written by SWU’s Honorary President James Birchall, who was also the first member of SWU.

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Day 7: SWU Remains Unique

SWU’S first elected President David Allan gives a potted history of the formation of our union and discusses what continues to set SWU apart from other unions.

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Day 8: SWU Campaigns

Today we shine a spotlight on two very notable SWU campaigns, SWU Executive Member and Austerity Action Group Chair Angi Naylor recounts the origins of the AAG campaign group and how it has been supported by SWU over the years. Dr Jermaine Ravalier who is a Professor of Organisational Psychology and Social Justice at Bath Spa University discusses his research undertaken with SWU and BASW into social worker working conditions and wellbeing across the UK.

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Day 9: SWU Union Contacts

Lucy Jacobs, Chrissie Beatty, and Julie Ann Harris talk about their journeys to becoming SWU Union Contacts and what it has meant for them. SWU National Organiser & Union Contact Manager Carol Reid writes about how you can become more active in your union.

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Day 10: Happy 10th Anniversary

SWU General Secretary John McGowan and SWU Chair Carys Phillips give the final video address of SWU’s 10th Anniversary Celebration. They discuss how SWU’s identity and focus has evolved over the past decade, and plans for the next decade.

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