SWU endorses Energy For All


SWU joins a growing list of over 250 organisations and elected officials endorsing Fuel Poverty Action (FPA)’s “Energy For All” campaign and Manifesto.

Energy For All demands a universal energy guarantee. A rising block tariff, which is similar to a social tariff, would provide every household with enough energy to meet their specific needs – taking account of factors including the size of household and health needs. Unlike some forms of a social tariff, this could incentivize the government and energy providers to implement some of the FPA’s common demands on energy efficiency and the transition to cheaper and cleaner energy.

Social workers are witnessing the toll of a cost-of-living crisis that is far from over, with rising numbers of children living in damp and mould and a fear the impact of gas and electricity costs are being forgotten.

SWU’s 2024 survey results revealed that almost three-quarters of adult, child, and mental health social workers (71%) saw the people they support stop turning on their heating to save money over the winter. Two-thirds (61%) of children’s social workers have witnessed young people living in conditions with excessive levels of mould.

Social workers in Scotland reported the highest level of people living in Dickensian conditions (69%) followed by social workers in the North East (67%). SWU’s recent research has informed a letter urging all Members of the Scottish Parliament to put political differences aside to unite in support measures that will help end fuel poverty.

Energy for All Manifesto for Change

“The present system is causing many thousands of deaths every year, especially among those who are most disadvantaged in society including diverse older and disabled people. It also causes widespread misery, ill health, and blighted childhoods.

“Meanwhile, the huge sums being harvested from people living on scarce resources in poorly repaired and uninsulated homes, are going into the private holdings of billionaires, or being poured into investment in fossil fuels that are rapidly destroying the climate and the earth we live on.

We believe this situation requires fundamental change. Palliative measures and occasional financial relief do not solve the problem.”

The full details of the Energy For All proposal are encompassed within its Manifesto, which followed on from a petition signed by over 660,000 people.

The Manifesto itself has received over 250 signatures from organisations and elected representatives including trade unions, NGOs, and grassroots. The original demand of a free guarantee of energy to meet people’s needs has grown to include demands for improvements to housing, banning forced prepayment meters, and ending the standing charge.

FPA are using a wide range of tactics to push the campaign forward, from parliamentary lobbying to street mobilisations. Find out more and about how to get involved at the Energy For All website: https://energyforall.org.uk/get-involved.html

FPA is a member of the End Fuel Poverty Coalition, which is supported by the Austerity Action Group.