SWU members invited to Union Contact Induction on 10th September 2022

SWU Union Contacts logo

Are you a member of SWU, and would you like to become a SWU Union Contact in your workplace or amongst your university cohort?  If so, our next Group Induction Day is Saturday 10th September from 9.30am-3.30pm in Central Birmingham.

Lunches and refreshments are provided on the day, travel will be arranged or reimbursed by SWU, and accommodation can be arranged for anyone coming from further afield.

See below for further details about the role and if you are interested in attending the Induction Day, please contact carol.reid@swu-union.org.uk before Monday 8th August to confirm your place.

Being a member of the Social Workers Union enables you to apply to become a SWU Union Contact, and we welcome members who are interested in getting involved.  Previous union experience is useful but not essential – more important is a genuine enthusiasm and interest in trade unionism, collective activism, and promoting the Social Workers Union to colleagues. 

As a SWU Union Contact you will – 

  • Be the first point of contact for anyone in our workplace/university in relation to joining and getting involved in SWU – you will receive all relevant training, paperwork, and materials to successfully do this.
  • Be an essential contact for SWU when we and members need to exchange information and ideas – you will be kept up to date with campaign details and materials to distribute to colleagues.
  • Encourage membership in the workplace/university by providing leaflets/flyers/promotional merchandise and materials which can be delivered to your home address or place of work.
  • Promote and be involved in union activism, campaigns, events, marches, and rallies (dependent upon your availability and commitments).
  • Receive induction training, regular contact and updates, newsletters, Facebook group, with a focus upon strengthening the union and ensuring you are happy and confident in your role.
  • Have access to excellent free training opportunities from the General Federation of Trade Unions, to which SWU is affiliated.
  • Opportunities to attend and help develop regular branch meetings.
  • Undertake workplace representational tasks* if this is something that interests you.  (*Following an additional period of Phase 2 training provided by SWU, BASW and the General Federation of Trade Unions).