Become a SWU Contact! Launch of SWU’s new voluntary scheme

SWU Union Contacts logo

The Social Workers Union (SWU) has launched the ‘Union Contact’ (UC) initiative, a voluntary scheme aiming to recruit vital members to the SWU team.

SWU’s model of developing a network of Contacts offers an alternative to the traditional union shop steward approach by ensuring that employment negotiations are confined to paid BASW and SWU Trade Union Officials and members’ employers. 

This reduces the potential for tension between staff and management within the workplace and ensures that members have fewer formal responsibilities than a traditional shop steward.

A SWU UC will promote and encourage union membership in the workplace and will usually be the first point of contact with the union for new and existing members to share the benefits of SWU memberships. A UC will also be the essential contact for SWU Officials wishing to provide members with key information. 

Each SWU UC will have a designated SWU staff member to support their role and co-ordinate quarterly meetings, making sure SWU retains strong links with our members. 

All UC’s will be reimbursed out of pocket expenses as agreed by SWU.

With the support and guidance of a trade union organiser, SWU’s ambition is try to have at least one UC in each workplace or large department. However, SWU welcome retired members, social work students, unemployed members, and social workers in alternative roles (ie advocates, carers, agency staff).   

Now is the right to be involved with the UKs fastest growing union, and more information can be found here.

If you are interested in becoming a SWU Union Contact or in getting active and involved in the SWU please get in touch with National Organiser, Carol Reid.


Telephone: 0737 549 6315