SWU 10th Anniversary Celebration: Day 1

The Social Workers Union 10th Anniversary Celebration is a digital event that runs from June 12 – 21, 2021

SWU’s History

Welcome to Day 1 of SWU’s 10th Anniversary Celebration! Be sure to check back each day between June 12-21 for new videos and blogs that showcase our history and celebrate our future. 

In these first two videos SWU’s first General Secretary Hilton Dawson opens the celebration with his remarks and SWU Treasurer & Northern Ireland Representative Gerry Madden recounts SWU’s history.

In this video SWU’s First General Secretary and former BASW CEO Hilton Dawson remarks on the creation of SWU in 2011 and the strength of its membership.

Gerry Madden says in his video:

“Looking back, the decision to create the Social Workers Union was an instinctive reaction to protect our members. The availability of Advice and Representations continues, in my opinion, to be the primary motivator as to why people join BASW/SWU.”

I think that the establishment of SWU could be seen as a symbol of hope for social workers in the best historical tradition of trade union activity. In other words, as something which would both protect and further the rights and interests of social workers. I don’t think it’s too fanciful therefore to say that the creation of SWU was a moment of real historical significance in providing hope for social work and social workers.”

In this video SWU Treasurer and Northern Ireland Representative Gerry Madden recounts the formation of SWU, its history, and its purpose.