Countdown is on to neurodiversity pledge launch

Social Workers Union (SWU) - Celebrating Neuro-inclusive Social Work

Councils and other employers of social workers will soon be able to sign up to a new pledge to celebrate neurodiversity in the profession.

The pledge has been created by a group of neurodivergent social workers with the backing of the SWU Campaign Fund and the launch in April comes after a trailer video was released as part of Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2024:

The pledge’s authors hope it will encourage employers to recognise the contribution neurodivergent social workers bring to their roles and commit to act towards a neuro-inclusive workplace.

Deb Solomon, a social worker from Derbyshire, is among the leaders of the campaign and said: “Our pledge will give employers of social workers an opportunity to promote acceptance and understanding of neurodiversity among all members of staff.

“We will also expect signatories of the pledge to create a neuro-inclusive culture of appreciation, celebration and belonging in their organisations.”

John McGowan, General Secretary of the Social Workers Union, commented, “SWU has been delighted to support this group and we’re honoured to be hosting the pledge on our website after it launches.”

Until the website goes live, organisations who are interested in finding out more about signing the pledge can email

Jenni Guthrie, Principle Curriculum Lead at Frontline, said, “We need to challenge the stigma around neurodiversity and celebrate the numerous skills neurodiverse individuals can bring to the social work profession. But a first step to doing this is to ensure that employers become more neuro-inclusive. It has never been more important to value every member of staff and our workplaces should be psychologically safe spaces for neurodivergent social workers to be themselves.”

David Grimm, a social work student from Glasgow, added, “By working to create a neuro inclusive environment, social work employers and educators across the country will act as a beacon of hope and empowerment that welcomes more neurodiverse workers.”