Please share your views with SWU and The Independent

Social Workers Union (SWU) & The Independent

The Social Workers Union (SWU) is conducting a survey of UK social workers in conjunction with The Independent to highlight the pressures staff in social work are facing and the changes that may be needed to address them.

We would be very grateful if you could answer these questions as truthfully as possible. It should take you no longer than 10 minutes, and it will be completely anonymous.

The Independent and SWU would like to use your responses to demonstrate why changes are needed in children’s social care in particular – to help protect vulnerable children, and why it is so important that the issues are addressed.

Click here to start the survey:

The survey will run until February 9th, 2024.

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The Social Workers Union (SWU) is the only UK trade union for social workers this is run by and offers representation by staff who are qualified in social work. SWU is an organisational member of the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) and a member of the General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU).